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April 02, 2012

A Little Bit About Me!

I LOVE spring!  The smell of fresh cut grass, the beautiful flowers and trees in bloom, give me such a peaceful feeling.  When the weather is just right, I like to bring my crochet basket outside and work on a project, while my eight year old son rides his bike around.  Some of my favorite sights are those closest to me - what grows in my yard...

 My Crab Apple tree is in full bloom right now.  I love looking out my back door and seeing the entire tree dressed in pink!  Many yellow and purple Finches eat from the birdfeeders that are in this tree.

Another favorite are the Tulips in my front yard.  They are truly the first sign of Spring in my neighborhood.

 The Fir tree in my back yard is another favorite.  It not only looks majestic and beautiful, but it is shelter to many birds and nests each year.

We watched these baby Robins being nurtured by their parents every day.  What a special treat to have in our backyard!

The last to bloom is our Rose of Sharon bush, right outside our front door.  I collected seeds from it last year and have them for sale if you're interested: Buy the Seeds.

 Some of the new crochet items that I've made are these cute Red or Pink Ladybug Outfits!

And my new Moo Cow Hat!  I added fabric and felt to give this hat more depth and a lot of character.

As this blog post ends, like the sun setting on this beautiful day - May you have some quiet time to enjoy this new season.  May you have peace in knowing that God loves you.  And May you see His love daily, when you stop and look around...